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The National Gallery of Zimbabwe

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The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is inviting members of the public to come in and view some of the priceless and rare masterpieces housed in its permanent collection in an exhibition entitled “Unpacking the Vision: From Rembrandt to Mubayi”.

The exhibition was officially opened during the 60th anniversary celebrations at the gallery and shall be running until September 13, 2017.

Unpacking the Vision: From Rembrandt to Mubayi is an exhibition that taps into the Gallery’s permanent collection from the past to the present as part of the gallery’s 60th Anniversary celebrations.

Sylvester Mubayi

The Gallery has a vision to collect, preserve and promote the country’s visual culture and it holds a diverse collection that includes traditional artefacts from around the African continent, old European Masters, and contemporary Art of Zimbabwe and Africa.

The works in the collection are of outstanding quality and importance defined by merit and the artist’s contribution to the history and development of Zimbabwean and international art.

This exhibition is an attempt to recollect the first show that was ever staged in the newly inaugurated Gallery in 1957 and to add a new chapter that brings us into the current century.

That first show provided a stroll through the chronicles of Western European Art History and was exalted as the first time anything of this nature had occurred wherein some of the most precious and significant Western art gems were gathered and transported to Africa!.

This story reveals a great deal about the original conception and purpose that was ascribed to the new building.

The Gallery is proud to host this exhibition as it marks its 60 years of existence.

In this way, From Rembrandt to Mubayi, extracts artworks from the Permanent Collection that are presented around the subjects of people and portraits, landscapes and architecture and issues around devotion.

The layout consists of works before the 18th…

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