Marvel’s Inhumans: Complete Marvel Universe Easter Eggs and Reference Guide

The Inhumans are here. Marvel’s latest TV series has arrived on ABC and you just know that they’ll be more Easter eggs than you can shake a teleporting bulldog at. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as each and every week, we will spell out all the little bits of comic book fan service that Inhumans springs upon fandom.

So dive in kids, and get to know all the bits of comic business than inspired Marvel’s Inhumans

The first shot of the new series is of the moon which is very appropriate. As old time Marvel fans know, the moon is a very important in Inhumans lore. When the Inhumans were first introduced to the world by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Fantastic Four #45 (1965), they lived in a hidden location in the Himalayan Mountains. For years, Inhumans and humans lived with a sort of uncomfortable unawareness of each other. When the Inhumans came to be known to the world at large, humans grew more and more mistrustful of the hidden race. It was at that point that King Black Bolt decided to relocate his people to the Blue Area of the Moon.

What the hell is that, you ask? The Blue Area of the Moon is a hidden from human eyes portion of the moon’s lunar landscape that possesses a breathable atmosphere that was created by the Skrulls millions of years ago. The Area was used by Uatu the Watcher as his base of operations and became a familiar setting to the Fantastic Four as the team journeyed their many times to help their big headed, bald pal. Always tight with the Inhumans, the FF helped locate Black Bolt, Medusa, their subjects, and the entire city of Attilan to the Blue Area when pollution created by mankind began to sicken the Inhumans. This exodus happened in Fantastic Four #240 (1982) by John Byrne.

Speaking of Attilan, the city has long been the refuge of the Inhumans since Jack and Stan introduced the race in 1965. Attilan has long been called The Great Refuge and has served as a place where the Inhumans can be shielded from humanity….

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