Mark Selby v John Higgins: World Championship final – Relive the first day – Snooker

Stick here for frame-by-frame updates as the match progresses, as well as the latest video clips from the Crucible.

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Latest score: Selby 7-10 Higgins

Scoring: 76-34 (76), 7-50, 121-8 (62, 58), 0-141 (141), 40-99 (63), 1-126 (95), 54-59 (58), 68-33, 86-0 (86), 8-60, 44-74, 69-22, 1-68, 0-76 (76), 81-9 (81), 121-12 (121)

Centuries: Two

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Frame 17: Oh he’s back isn’t it he? Selby is looking better and better as he comes back to secure his third frame in a row. It means that he has won the evening session and only trails 10-7. This is a massive performance from Selby and although he trails that will feel like a victory in some ways and you can see it in his face as he clenches his fast as he walks off. Higgins is a frustrated figure, he needs to regroup ahead of tomorrow.

Frame 16: Higgins gets started with another long red but not for the first time he can’t quite gets a run together and it’s safety time. Selby gets a red and despite an unfavourable kiss he still pots the blue. All of a sudden that spring is back in his step. And there’s his first century of the final as he knocks in a 121. Can he get it back to 10-7 going into tomorrow?

Frame 15: Mark Selby doesn’t get rattled, it’s a not word or feeling he understands. But right now he is getting close to it as he misses some easy pots and gets unlucky with some running. However perhaps his luck is about to turn as Higgins misses a pink and in the process opens the pack. From there Selby cleans up and he ends with a break of 81. Selby isn’t rattled, he might be launching a comeback.

Frame 14: Higgins comes to the table and looks in good form as he starts to rack up the points. There’s a moment of amusement as someone in the audience is told off for eating some crisps. Moments later Higgins opens the pack with the most astonishing of shots but it seems to work for him. He gets a break of 76 to move six clear.

Frame 13: Higgins starts the 13th with a long red but Selby gets on the board as well. However then Higgins knocks in 40 points before extending that lead even further. Selby stays in his seat and we go back to 9-4. This means that Higgins will have a lead overnight, the question now is how big will that lead be?

Frame 12: Oh how Selby needed that one. This frame swings back and forth as first Selby breaks…

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