MaintenX International Offers Solutions to Make Critical Facility Systems Last This Summer

Seasonal changes in temperature can take a toll on a business’s critical facility systems. As summer sets in, MaintenX International wants to equip local companies with solutions to ensure their building’s systems don’t get beat by the heat. Their maintenance experts are here to help your critical systems stay in tip top shape this summer.

“During the summer months, the proper maintenance of a building’s critical systems is crucial,” said Bill Schaphorst, MaintenX’s VP of Business Development. “Air conditioning, refrigeration and plumbing maintenance are all necessary to make sure you survive the summer unscathed. It’s much better to take proactive measures than get hit with a breakdown that disrupts your business.”

MaintenX and its national network of knowledgeable and skilled technicians have been helping local businesses for more than 30 years. Below are a few tips to make sure your systems run smoothly this summer:

1. Preventative Maintenance

First and foremost, it’s important to have a proper preventative maintenance plan in place to maintain peak efficiency for all of your building’s systems. Having a designated technician regularly check and clean your air conditioning, plumbing and refrigeration systems can prevent breakdowns. By investing in a preventative maintenance plan, your proactive measures will save your company time and money.

2. Air Conditioning

Timely maintenance to your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit can keep your system in a good state of repair and keep utility costs down. Change your system’s air filter once a month to prevent your unit from working harder than it has to. In addition, it’s important to keep your air conditioner clean. This includes the drain pans, fan motor and condenser coils. These simple actions will ensure your air…

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