MaintenX International Gives Recommendations for Restaurant Refrigeration Care for Tampa’s Final Weeks of Summer

A restaurant’s refrigeration equipment plays an important role during hot summer months. MaintenX International, a Tampa-based facilities repair company, is here to help local restaurants maintain their refrigeration systems effectively for the rest of the of summer.

“A restaurant relies on its refrigeration equipment heavily day-in and day-out. Add summer’s scorching temperatures into the mix and your system is truly put to the test, making proper refrigeration care all the more important,” said Bill Schaphorst, VP of Business Development at MaintenX International. “Although summer is coming to a close, maintenance to your system is critical now to ensure everything continues to work efficiently and stay cool.”

Not all maintenance companies are equipped with the expertise needed to manage the requirements a restaurant environment presents. MaintenX has helped local restaurants, businesses and building facilities with their refrigeration needs for more than 30 years. To ensure your refrigeration equipment stays working at its best, here are few tips to keep cool:

1.    Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your refrigeration equipment running reliably requires you to take care of your system. Having a proper preventative maintenance plan in place allows you to avert unit failures and stop major breakdowns before they happen. Regularly scheduled tune-ups and refrigerator cleanings, which include cleaning coils, replacing faulty gaskets, checking for water leaks and sanitizing ice machines, are crucial after a long hot Tampa summer.

2.    Monitor Temperature

It’s important to monitor the temperature inside your refrigerators and freezers to prevent them from creeping too high. An internal temperature that is too warm can put your food at risk of spoiling, making it important to check the…

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