Lyca Productions’ Upcoming Mega Movie ‘2.0’ Graces the Hollywood Skies

How Lyca Productions has Uplifted 2.0 (literally!)

2.0 Set to Hit the Market with a Bang

Lyca Productions, one of India’s largest movie giants, has already become a household brand among movie buffs with their upcoming science fiction film 2.0. The movie will be starring ‘Superstar’ Rajinikanth, India’s most beloved, and Akshay Kumar, the Bollywood mega icon. The movie is directed by Shankar, a director often referred to as India’s Pride, known for his big budget socially conscious movies. The soundtrack for the movie is scored by Oscar winner AR Rahman.

Lyca Productions: The Most Happening Movie-Making Brand

Under the leadership of the Creative Head and Chief Operating Officer, Raju Mahalingam, the company has earned a global reputation for its unique and innovative movie promotions. From combining movie promotions and sports matches, to creating a virtual reality Rajinikanth live on-stage, Lyca Productions has done it all.

How Lyca Productions has Uplifted 2.0 (literally!)

Now, the company has taken their promotions to the next level by literally lifting the movie to the sky. On 28th June, Mr. Raju Mahalingam unveiled a massive hot air balloon at Lake Hollywood Park under the globally recognizable HOLLYWOOD sign. Onlookers were awestruck by the giant balloon made by Global Media Box, an international balloon promotion company, with towering images of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar facing off in the iconic 2.0 pose.

Lyca Production’s Big Plans for 2.0 to Take the World by a Storm

The 90 foot balloon is far beyond anything that has been created to promote an Indian movie and will be sent to Balloon festivals around the world. These will include Quickcheck Festival New Jersey in July, Bristol Festival United Kingdom in August, the Gatineau…

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