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Allison Todd, a senior at Lufkin High School, didn’t mess around when it came to preparing for college entrance exams. Her backpack was full of notes, but she’ll be the first to tell you that she has the luck of the Irish on her side.

“I’m a firm believer in lucky socks,” Todd said. “They have leprechauns on them, and I wear them every time I take a test.”

Todd scored a 26 her first time taking the ACT, but thought she and her lucky socks could do better.

“There’s always room to improve,” Todd said. “And, also, I don’t really like writing, so I needed to get my writing score up. And, I did get my writing score up. I got everything up.”

Only two weeks ago, Todd found out that she had earned a perfect score for the ACT. 

“I didn’t expect them to be up yet,” Todd said. “But, they were. And, it was super exciting. And, I started to freak out in class. I actually had my friend who was sitting next to me check them and make sure I wasn’t see things because it’s like insane.”

Angela Roberts, Todd’s school counselor, expressed how rare a perfect score is. 

“I will say, in 2017, there were about two million students who tested ACT,” Roberts said. “And, less than one percent scored 36.”

Todd’s socks might be a fun tradition, but both she and Roberts know that it takes more than luck.

“Just the classes I’ve taken,” said Todd. “I’ve always taken a very difficult schedule, mostly AP classes and stuff. Especially calculus and all my math classes. I love the math department here.”

“It’s about learning how to juggle your time and, I mean, she said that it was the classes she took,” Roberts said. “But, there are test taking skills, studying strategies, and just putting everything into perspective.”

According to the ACT scorers, the average score is a 20.8.

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