Louisiana braces for Harvey flooding as Texas reels from its devastation

Tropical storm Harvey has made landfall in Louisiana, after dropping devastating rains on America’s fourth largest city for nearly a week.

The storm, which has left a path of devastation behind it and crippled infrastructure in Houston and nearby areas, has triggered a massive National Guard, police, and civilian rescue and restore response.  Residents in Louisiana are now watching in horror as a storm that has led the news for days with tales of destruction begins to drop massive amounts of water onto their state, which may be prone to flooding after a particularly rainy summer.

“We are dealing with a state that has already had a lot of rain this summer, so we are very aware and conscious of the potential for flooding,” Col E Bush, of the Louisiana National Guard, said of the coming storm.

Since making landfall in southeast Texas as a hurricane late last week, Harvey has brought anguish and hardship to residents there. Initial reports indicate that at least 18 people have died because of the storm, and officials expect that number to rise as floodwaters recede and emergency responders are better able to take account for the devastation that has been wrought.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said during a press conference Wednesday that more than 8,500 people have been saved from storm conditions and flooding, and that there are 32,000 people in temporary shelters. A concerted effort to find survivors of the storm stranded amidst rising floodwaters in many areas of Houston has been conducted by local and national officials, while private citizens with high-water vehicles and boats have pitched in to help.

“Texans have really stepped up,” Mr Abbott said. “When you consider the magnitude of this catastrophe, what they have achieved is incredible.”

Shelters across Houston are being used to house people temporarily, including a convention centre, a sports stadium, and religious centres…

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