LOOP-LOC Shares Fall Pool Maintenance Tips

Safety pool cover and pool liner manufacturer that services New Jersey, LOOP-LOC, shares fall pool maintenance tips.

While the approach of fall may signify the end of swim season for most parts of the country, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Those who live in the south—or own a pool heater—have the chance to extend the season for a while. Here are some tips to keep the pool in prime condition.

Use less chemicals. The heat of the summer coupled with lots of happy swimmers causes pool chemicals to evaporate quickly. As temperatures lower, less chemicals can be used and pool chemistry only needs to be checked once a week.

Skim the pool more often. The end of summer means falling leaves, and it is highly likely those leaves will make their way into the pool. Skim the pool regularly to remove leaves and any other debris. If left too long, they can stain the bottom of the pool. For a truly pristine pool, this task should be performed daily. Don’t forget to empty the skimmer and pump basket!

Vacuum and brush the pool. Vacuuming and brushing is extremely important at this time of the year to make sure the water is sparkling after the leaves and debris are removed. Just remember that it may take more time to vacuum.

Reduce pump and filter use. It’s possible that back-to-school means less people are using the pool. Therefore, the pump and filter may only have to run between four and eight hours a day.

Clean the filter. Chances are, it’s been a busy summer full of water fun! As the weather gets cooler, it is important that the pool stays clear so it’s a good time to clean the pool filter.

Fix and repair leaks. Fall is also the perfect time to inspect the pool for leaks. Fixing them will ensure that water levels remain constant.

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