Local News: GCSC looks to approve opiate OD antidote (8/29/17)

Nearly 1,400 Hoosiers were killed via drug overdose in 2016.

At 548 more overdoses reported than 2008, the state has seen a 40-percent increase in drug-related deaths in less than a 10-year period.

With this in mind, there’s no wonder as to why the Greencastle Community School Corporation (GCSC) would adjust one of its policies in preparation for such an encounter with an overly-intoxicated drug user on its property, whether it be a student or otherwise.

As with all policies and resolutions, the GCSC five-member school board must follow due process and administer a “first reading” at least one month before the proposed policy or resolution can be officially adopted and implemented.

With first reading of “NEOLA Policy 5330, Use of Medications” taking place Monday during GCSC’s latest public session, school officials look keen on adopting the policy upon second reading next month.

“This policy grants us (the ability) to seek a prescription for, and authorize, the school nurse or other designated corporation employees to administer, when-and-if necessary, narcan or any other Overdose Administration drug,” Superintendent Jeff Hubble said Monday. “The Indiana Administration of School Nurses says all other designated corporation employees are to be trained on drug overdose response and treatment.”

Although the policy’s approval is necessary before administering narcan (Naxolone), Hubble said the corporation has been gathering the antidote for some time.

“We have already acquired the prescription and the nurses have narcan in their buildings to administer to the students, staff members or other visitors on our campus,” he added as he reiterated his recommendation for approval.

“So they have the prescription and they have the drug?” board member Denise Sigworth asked.

“Correct,” Hubble replied. “In fact, before this became part of (Monday’s) recommendations, we’ve had that for the past year.”

GCSC’s expected approval in September would make the…

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