LIVE BLOG: Tesla Launches The Model 3

Join us as Tesla introduces its mass-market electric car to the world. The Model 3 is designed to be an electric car for everyone, with an affordable starting price tag and a compelling set of vital statistics. Will it impress? Jump in here and find out.

Update, 2:30PM: Thanks for tuning in, everyone! Jump straight to the bottom for an abridged version of what we learned today.

1:30PM: Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Starting at 1:45PM — or a few minutes later, going on Tesla’s infamously flexible schedules both for its reveal events and for its production timelines —

What do we already know about the Model 3? Well, we know a few key things from when it was initially unveiled in April last year. Here’s a rough approximation of what we already know:

  • The shape and size of the Model 3 — around 80 per cent of the Model S
  • The starting US price tag of the car — around $US35,000
  • Its rough range figures — 215 miles from the base model, around 350km
  • Basic performance specs — 0-100km/h in under six seconds, even the base model
  • The number of pre-orders taken — 373,000, a solid $373 million in Tesla’s pockets in pre-order deposits alone
  • The fact that the Model 3 will have the capability for self-driving or autonomous driving

If you’re looking for something to read to pass the time and build a bit of hype, this WIRED article is a great introduction to the Model 3 and its potential to be The Next Big Thing — like the iPhone turned out to be in 2007.

What we’re looking for from today’s event, even though it might be a bit optimistic:

  • An Australian starting price tag, and the maximum price of a specced-up Model 3
  • A rough date for deliveries of right-hand drive Australian vehicles to start
  • More information on different trim levels, electric motor options, and battery sizes
  • More information on the car’s missing instrument cluster — and air conditioning
  • Pretty much anything else

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