‘Little Amsterdam’ Event Series Bringing Red-Light Cannabis Café Life to DTLA (Video)

“There’s nothing else in LA like it … we promise.”

LA-based production studio Seven Ghosts is talking about their Little Amsterdam event series, whose first installment kicked off over the weekend at their ARQADE venue in downtown LA. The monthly events are aimed at bringing the red-light district of Amsterdam, complete with cannabis cafés, to the City of Angels.


Seven Ghosts specializes in events that incorporate various combinations of music, film, art, VR, fashion, dance, and cannabis, and the Little Amsterdam series is no different—in fact, it incorporates all of these things, including the company’s proprietary cannabis brand, JADE. Check out the video to see it for yourself.


How did it get started? Ceven Grey, founder and CEO of Seven Ghosts, explains:

“We theme our events, put real heart and quality into them. At Little Amsterdam we want you to feel that you are in another time and place, ‘a green café in the red light district of Los Angeles.’ We have live bands, DJs, burlesque dancers, psychics, virtual reality, fire dancers, unique food selections, and lots of cool places to hang out in our venue … [it] is an immersive experience in itself.”


Grey says Little Amsterdam will reoccur monthly for as long as people are interested—and since the events and attendee numbers for ARQADE’s cannabis events in general are growing exponentially, expect to see many more monthly iterations, generally on the third or fourth Saturday of the month. “We love it and I think from the responses we are getting that everyone else is loving it too,” Grey continues. “In addition to the overall cannabis vibes … we think it’s awesome to give people a VR experience while high. It’s like opening a new dimension for people, there’s nothing else quite like it.”


To find out when the next event will take place, follow Seven Ghosts Productions and ARQADE Studios on Instagram. Oh…

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