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Published 4/25/17

Courtney Helm

Contributing Writer

With final projects and papers approaching, there are several resources in John Vaughan Library for students to use.

There are numerous tools for students to check out either to use only in the library or to check out for a few days. Selfie sticks and cameras may be checked out for three days and USBs for seven days. Laptops, calculators, tablets, cd players, headphones, and a tape player are also offered to students for in-library use only. For science majors, there are anatomy and optometry models and microscopes for students to use and study with in the library. Students may also check out dry erase markers to use on the whiteboards found on the first and second floor of the library.

“If there are things that students are needing, whether it’s an academic journal article, educational PDF, or a video or documentary that we don’t have through NSU library we can get it for you through interlibrary loan and that’s a free service that we connect with other libraries around the state, around the country, and even outside of the United States,” said Sarah Burkhead Whittle, College of Education resource coordinator.

Aside from items that can be checked out, there are scanners on the first floor and a laminator and butcher paper that are 50 cents per foot. TVs are also available for recreational use or to watch educational videos and documentaries. The second floor has a study room with a laptop that hooks up to a smartboard. Students must reserve this room ahead of time by either calling the library or coming in person to make the reservation.

“The thing I think is cool about the library is we have a documents collection that has a copy of every document printed by the state of Oklahoma within the last five years and many, many federal documents as well,” said Casey Cobb, access services assistant in charge of reserves.

The curriculum material room is located on the second floor by the special collections area. If a student needs help finding the room, they may ask a librarian for help. This room contains curriculum that is adopted in K-12 schools throughout Oklahoma and stays up to date with current material used in Oklahoma classrooms. If a school updates their textbook, the library will include it in this room. There are all kinds of subjects such as different types of mathematics and science, reading and writing, and even Spanish and French. Teaching manuals, such as lesson plans, and teacher guides, which includes kits, flash cards, charts, and graphs, are the types of resources included. Besides preparing students for teaching in a classroom, there are also practice tests and study guides for the OGET and other tests that education majors will need to take to be certified. The practice tests and study guides can be found behind the main desk on the first floor of the library.

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