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A year ago, the Gosins were frantically raising money to bring their brain-damaged newborn daughter, Zepheniah, back home to Orange County from Okinawa, Japan.

They did that with a hopeless kind of hope — of bidding goodbye to their daughter while making sure her organs could be used to save other young lives.

Two weeks ago, the parents got their wish. They brought Zephy to Hawaii — a 17-hour journey with a baby connected to a bunch of tubes. They made it.

“But when we got here, we found out that God had other plans for us,” her father, Fabian Gosin, said. “An option we didn’t have in Japan opened up.”

And that “option” was to let Zephy go.

So, just a few days after they landed, Fabian and Lynsey Gosin lay next to Zephy in a hospital room, as they read her favorite books and sang songs they made up for her, unhampered by tubes.

Then, they gazed into her big, brown eyes as she drew her final breaths.

“I’m happy she is in a better place,” Lynsey Gosin said. “This was an extremely hard decision for us. But it came down to why we were doing what we were doing.”

Zephy was born Aug. 30, 2016 with the umbilical cord wrapped twice around her neck. Her brain was irreversibly damaged because she didn’t get enough oxygen.

But her brain was still hanging by a thread, sending out feeble signals. Under Japan’s laws, she was not considered brain-dead.

The Gosins at the time wondered if her purpose was to provide functioning organs to another child in need. But, Lynsey Gosin said, even though they found out Japan allowed organ transplants for young children, nothing came together.

They brought Zephy stateside in September with the hope of getting better benefits and care, Fabian Gosin, an Orange County native, said. But when they met with doctors in Hawaii, they learned that U.S. laws allowed them to take her off the ventilator.

The news was bittersweet for the Gosins who had to quit their jobs in Okinawa and drive an hour each way to the…

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