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Grow economy with wind energy

As a 30-year-old living in the middle of Wichita, I am constantly thinking about job growth and how to keep my friends from moving away to states with job opportunities more in line with their needs. I am in love with this state because of its natural beauty – prairie grasses, limestone and sunsets that I can enjoy nearly every day.

The more I learn about renewable energy, the more excited I become for what it could do for our state. At a legislative roundtable in 2013 discussing the benefits of Kansas wind energy, they said that more than 13,000 jobs could be created from construction and operation of wind turbines. The American Wind Energy Association reports as of late 2016 that Kansas has 4.4 gigawatts of wind capacity.

What if we utilized our energy capabilities right here instead of purchasing coal from other states? Let’s grow our economy and start thinking of alternatives that would withstand our extreme realities of droughts and floods, employ citizens, and allow Kansas to become more energy independent.

Don’t change park

The city of Wichita has a unique tourist attraction that sets it apart from other cities in Kansas. Wichita has a park with dedicated trails for horses and hikers. These are the Plumlee horse trails located in Pawnee Prairie Park.

They are now in danger, as a bicycle club wants to turn them into trails for bikers. This would put equestrians in danger, as horses and bicycles don’t mix well, and the city would lose this tourist resource.

These trails have been used by local equestrians for many years. Wichita should promote these trails to horse people from surrounding areas and those who travel through our area.

Money slated for this park’s improvements should be spent enhancing the present use and not adding bicycle access. Putting in overnight camping for equestrians would bring in revenue, as they shop, buy gas, food, etc. when they come to ride these beautiful unique trails.

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