Bolding said he wanted to make sure drivers knew what to expect, and what rights they have.

But he also cautioned against motorists getting carried away in demanding those rights, at least while they’re stopped at the side of the road.

“The stop may not be the best point in time to have that protest,” Bolding said.

So, basically, the police can disregard your rights at any moment in time they choose, but you better think twice before you assert those constitutionally granted and “protected” rights.

Police shoot people every day, claiming they “feared for their life”, and apparently if you are an average Joe, reaching into your glove box for your registration can cause such a fear.

Clearly the police are a fearful lot, and the citizenry are all hardened fearless criminals, bent on killing every cop they see.

Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves due to the police having so much freedom and the citizens living in fear of…