Letter a fire chief wrote a homeowner for not saving her home in Canyon Fire 2 will make you cry – Orange County Register

She lost her friend in Las Vegas. She lost her house to the fire in Anaheim Hills.

Then Erin Williamson got a message that touched her heart.

Orange County Fire Authority Battalion Chief Craig Covey wrote:

“I was in charge of the structure defense for the Hidden Canyon area of the Canyon 2 fire. I am sitting in my office today reflecting on how challenging and horrible Monday was and what I could’ve done better. You see, to lose one home is against every fabric of my being and profession. I am sooooo sorry to have not protected your beautiful home.”

Williamson’s inspiring comments about the loss of her home were published first at ocregister.com on Tuesday. She had then posted a message on Facebook asking if anyone knew the firefighter who tried to save her home. Covey was in charge of the crew that tried to save her home.

“I can’t look at what happened to us as a tragedy at all,” said Williamson, 47, as she stood in front of the ash and remnants of the house she and her husband, Danny, bought in 2006. “This is all totally fixable. We can rebuild it better than it was.”

She said the real sympathy should be directed to the people who lost loved ones and friends at the mass shooting a week earlier in Las Vegas. Williamson’s longtime friend Brian Fraser was killed by the gunman in Las Vegas. On the day Williamson lost her home, she was supposed to have attended a vigil to honor Fraser.

“For you to have that perspective in the face of your loss, to have understanding in the face of the Las Vegas tragedy, truly reflects on how amazing of a person that you apparently are,” Covey wrote.

A photo of a firefighter framed by the flames engulfing Williamson’s home appeared in newspapers around the world. The photo was taken by Register photographer Jeff Gritchen.

“The firefighter in the photo of your house being unfortunately destroyed is OCFA firefighter Dave Sewell who was working on Engine 72 which is stationed in Santa Ana … he too is…

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