Less than half of all students fully college-ready on revised SAT test – Orange County Register

By Larry Gordon

The results for the newly revised SAT exam show that less than half of all test takers were fully college-ready and that ethnic and racial disparities persist in California and the rest of the nation.

This first round of student scores after the much-discussed overhaul were released Tuesday without comparisons to past versions of the influential college entrance exam.

California students who graduated high school in 2017 scored 531 in the so-called evidence-based reading and writing section and 524 in math. Those were just two and three points respectively below the national average.  (A perfect score would be 800 in each section.)

Test administrators have established new score benchmarks to identify students likely ready to take and succeed with at least a C grade in entry-level college-credit bearing courses. The California scores show that 70 percent of test-takers met the 480 benchmark of college readiness in the reading and verbal section; 47 percent did so by hitting at least 530 in math; and 45 percent were college ready in both skill areas.  That is close to the national share of SAT takers who were deemed college-ready: 70 percent in reading, 49 percent in math and 46 in both.

The test’s content was dramatically changed last year to align much more closely with subject material taught in high school and to make it less dependent on test-taking skills and strategies taught in expensive preparatory classes.

Officials of the College Board, which sponsors the exam, said it was impossible to compare the new results with past ones and declined to offer any explanation of how the new material could have pushed mean scores higher than in past versions.  (Under the old test, national average scores in 2016 were somewhat lower: 494 in reading and 508 in math.)

Before the redesign, the College Board defined college readiness differently and linked it to the likelihood of students earning at least an overall GPA of B minus in college freshman…

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