LeBron: No one should use sports to divide people

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio –? LeBron James on Monday addressed President Donald Trump’s comments on sports and protests, talking extensively about the issue and the NFL’s response?in the? Cleveland Cavaliers?superstar’s latest display of social consciousness.

“First of all, I salute the NFL, the coaches, the players, the owners, the fans. Everyone who had any association with the NFL was unbelievable,” James said. “There was no divide. Even from that guy that continues to try to divide us as people.

“The thing that frustrated me, pissed me off: He was using the sports platform to divide us. Sports is so amazing, what sports can do for everyone, no matter shape, size, race. It brings people together like no other. I’m not going to let one individual, no matter the power, the impact he should have, ever use sport as a platform to divide us.”

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