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The Laguna Hills Technology Library Branch, one of two such branches operated by the county, will reduce its days of service from six to five days per week starting Jan. 1, officials said.

The technology library, in the Laguna Hills Community Center and Sports Complex, is currently open Monday through Saturday. The City Council decided Tuesday, Oct. 10 to look at whether to eliminate Friday or Saturday hours.

City Manager David Reynolds said the change was necessary because of an error in fund allocations by OC Public Libraries.

“We should’ve been open only five days per week and were requested to reduce to that amount going forward come Jan. 1,” Reynolds told the council.

It would cost the city an estimated $53,282 annually to continue to keep the library branch open a sixth day, a city staff report said. The amount of money is not in the city’s budget, Reynolds said.

OC Public Libraries recommended the library be closed Friday and Sunday, for consistency with other library closures, the staff report said. However, the City Council has the right to make the final decision, Reynolds said.

“If we were to spend a lot of time down at the technology library I think it’s pretty obvious, Saturday’s pretty quiet,” Councilwoman Melody Carruth said, adding that Friday is a very active day from what she’s seen.

Mayor Don Sedgwick said that some users might only be able to use the facility on Saturdays due to work schedules, and that there should be more research and feedback from its users on which days are less busy.

“We want to make sure that we have the access,” Sedgwick said. “It sounds like Monday through Friday is the way to go, but I just ask that we confirm that the access issue.”

Reynolds said the days could be changed in the future if they are not working well.

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