Labor Day party tips from Martha Stewart

As we approach Labor Day weekend, everyone is looking to celebrate those last few beautiful days of summer. With that, we have Martha Stewart Living‘s editor-in-chief, Elizabeth Graves, here to show us what to eat, what to drink and how to celebrate the end of the summer.

Labor Day weekend is a huge weekend to spend with friends and family. With a little planning and smart prep, you can actually enjoy the party too. Here’s how:

Set the scene.

A nice grouping of potted herbs: Go for easy wilt-free table décor that sets a pretty scene. Fresh herbs are beautiful, seasonal, inexpensive and look great on a table. You can get them at your local hardware or garden store from anywhere to $10-$20. You can let people take them home afterward or keep them to cut and cook with year-round.

Light the table with LED pillar candles: You can get these inexpensive candles online or at discount home stores. They’re perfect for parties because they add attractive ambient light, won’t blow out and there’s no open flame to be careful with. Wrap the inexpensive candles with wicker, ribbon, burlap or other materials to elevate their look.

Ted Cavanaugh / Martha Stewart Living

Go with a cloth table covering: It’s as pretty as it is practical — not to mention washable and reusable! To keep your tablecloth from flying away, we like to use small weights like…

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