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Having recently published her third novel, Benoit’s success can be found not only in her flair for writing but her determination to set and reach goals in her life.

When asked, during a recent phone interview with The Aurora, if she excelled in writing in high school, Benoit said she left school in Grade Eleven. It would be a decade before she’d return to the classroom. But return she did.

“I was 26 or 27 when I went back…  I was like a fish out of water at first. But, I got a tutor and I graduated high school in 2005.”

After obtaining her high school diploma at the College of the North Atlantic, Benoit went on to complete the college’s mining technology program which led to a position with the Iron Ore Company of Canada.

Her goal of becoming an author came to fruition several years ago when she published her first historical romance novel “Violet’s Storm.”

The book was the beginning of her Stormy Encounters series.

Benoit’s books are well described on her website and on Amazon sites where they are sold. (Benoit self-published all of her novels).

Set in 1958, “Violet’s Storm” is about a man named Brady Kelly who, in seeking his own justice after his father’s murder, kidnaps the assailant’s only daughter, Violet.

The second book in the series – also set in Ireland like the first – is “Heathen’s Hurricane.” A continuation of “Violet’s Storm” the novel tells the story of Brady Kelly’s best friend, Jack Manning.

Benoit recently released the third novel in the series.

In “Caitlyn’s Rapture” Liam Kelly (Brady Kelly’s brother) says goodbye to Ireland and set sails for Newfoundland. Beached and taken captive by pirates, Liam Kelly proves he has the strength and fortitude to not only survive, but to thrive in the face of adversity.

While the book is the third in the series, Benoit said, each novel is a stand-alone read.

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