Know reasons affecting ulcers: common horse disease

Gastric ulcers are most commonly found in horses to which their body is quite prone. The horse owners must be well versed with the factors and symptoms of ulcers in order to eradicate this problem completely. Getting veterinary care in regular intervals or in case of ulcers will enable the horses to avoid this disease. It all depends upon the rider or owner to examine the problem in the early stage. Make sure before buying any horse from online deal like jumper horse classifieds you cross check for horse health. There are various factors which collectively lead to ulcers in horses. Read on learn more about the symptoms and reasons affecting this disease. Along with this, the below mentioned points also discuss the possible treatment for ulcers.

There are various reasons behind the development of ulcers in the body of horse. Some of the main reasons are mentioned below:-

The horses which are kept in stables are more prone to have stomach ulcers.
1. In-take of hard feeds mainly high grain feed.
2. Horses engaged in tasks which require hard work are also prone to ulcers.
3. The ones eating less food do not have much gastric contents in their body to neutralize stomach acid therefore they suffer with this disease.
4. The use of NSAIDs.

If you have bought your horse from an online deal on hunter horse classifieds make sure you are aware of the health status of the horse. This way you may avoid further health issues. There are various visible symptoms of stomach ulcers. Being a horse owner you must be able to see such sudden changes in your horse so that you may further avoid ulcers. Some of the most common symptoms are:

1. Poor appetite: If you notice that your horse is not taking the meals properly make sure you seek medical guidance for the horse.
2. Dull coat: When you notice sudden change in the coat of the horse then it’s time to take medical assistance from a veteran.
3. Dark faces: In case you find any changes in the face of horse like dark face without any delay get medical help.
4. Bad performance: If the performance of your horse seems to decrease then it is another symptom of ulcer.
5. Diarrhoea: Many times, the horses suffering with Diarrhoea are simultaneously suffering with stomach ulcers. It better to get the horse check for ulcers along with diarrhoea.
6. Frequent grinding of teeth is one another symptom of stomach ulcers which can lead to some serious problems as well.

All the above mentioned symptoms are of stomach ulcers which are frequently seen in horses. In case you have bought your horse from Jumper horses for sale online deal ensure you look for above mentioned symptoms in the horse. Whenever you notice all these problems ensure you seek for medical aid.

Treatment: With proper medication of using Gastrogard can sure stomach ulcers. It is the most preferred and known product for treating equine stomach ulcers. Along with this, Omeperazole is also the most recommended medicine for stomach ulcers in horses. Generally this medicine is available in paste form which should be given to the horses in every 28 days once. You must take advice from a VET before giving any medicine to the horse. One can also decrease the chances of stomach ulcers in horses by offering them good grass to graze.

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