Know how to proceed systematically with the boarding school application procedure

A proper procedure needs to be followed if you want your kid to get admitted to the right school. Start well in advance to avoid last minute rush.

Many parents opt for boarding schools since they provide the best environment for kids to learn and grow at their own pace. Faculties are present for longer hours than day time schools. Thus students get the chance to clarify their doubts and questions. Besides the residential school enforces strict discipline codes which every student has to follow.

If you are about to start the boarding school application procedure, here are few tips which will provide the right guidance:-

  • It makes sense that you visit websites of few selected schools, before deciding finally. This way you can have basic idea about the institution and its teaching methodology. You can also gather information about the school’s infrastructure and basic amenities provided.
  • It is advisable to initiate the application procedure at least few months in advance. If you are targeting more than one school then start the preparation accordingly. Since no two schools follow the same date, you need to gather necessary information in time, before the calendar year ends.  
  • Most schools offer detailed information about the application process in their websites, like eligibility criteria, the particular date when the form will be issued for a specific class and what will be the last date. There are many schools which allow the application form to be filled up online. The application fee can be paid with credit or debit card. Again, there are many institutes which issue the form from the school’s administrative office by paying nominal fees.
  • The benefit of collecting boarding school application form physically is that you can use the opportunity to visit the school and check it out yourself. Many reputed schools arrange multi-media presentations of the school during this time. This can prove to be really helpful and helps in decision making. In fact, it is never wise to take a final decision without exploring the school’s boarding and other facilities. Again, when it comes to selecting the residential school, you need to adopt a more cautious approach. Know if the school is well equipped and have spacious boarding amenities. You should also enquire about medical and other emergency services.
  • Not only collecting the application form but you should be particular about submitting the form too, on the pre-mentioned date. Be sure to carry all necessary documents. Mostly schools ask for photographs, copies of identity proofs of parents and kids, current year’s mark sheet or report card and few other relevant documents. Incomplete form or inaccurate information will result in its cancellation.
  • After submitting the boarding school application, it is time to prepare your kid for the admission/interaction test. These are not very rigorous examinations but rather aim at gauging the student’s basic knowledge level.

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