Kingwood martial arts masters bring Taekwondo back to basics

Updated 5:03 pm, Friday, April 28, 2017

From the people who brought Rock Steady Boxing to Kingwood comes a new wave of Taekwondo – the High Intensity Taekwondo (HIT) League.

Well, technically, the HIT League isn’t necessarily new, so much as it is a return to the “old-school” scoring methods.

Nonetheless, the crowd went wild during the inaugural match at Lone Star College-Kingwood for a concept that some believe has the potential to revolutionize the Taekwondo landscape.

Jeff Battenberg, co-owner of Battenberg’s Black Belt Academy, unveiled the HIT League concept with a demonstration Saturday, April 22.

The concept of the HIT League is based on the philosophy that the modern sensor-based scoring system has diminished Taekwondo fighters’ incentive to make full-on contact during a match.

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