Kinedyne Unveils Industry’s First Load-Rated Curtain-Side System with Double-Decking and Other Rapid Cargo Access Technologies at NACV 2017

Among the products introduced was a load-rated curtain-side system that opens and closes at lightning-fast speeds, but is engineered to restrain lateral cargo movement.

E-commerce is creating new cargo challenges, and Kinedyne is delivering new cargo solutions. – Paul Wolford

Kinedyne LLC, a world-leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of cargo control technologies, including cargo securement, capacity and access solutions for the transportation industry, presented a variety of new systems designed to address increasing pressures on transportation providers to reduce costs while speeding up the movement of cargo to factories, distribution hubs and final destinations. The new product announcement was made during a press conference at the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) Show in Atlanta, Georgia.

E-commerce is changing the way shippers move their goods and the delivery speed expectations of both consumers and commercial customers. There is new stress on every supply chain, as manufacturing and logistics professionals search for ways to optimize their individual links.

“E-commerce is creating new cargo challenges, and Kinedyne is delivering new cargo solutions,” Paul Wolford, vice president of sales and marketing for Kinedyne LLC, said. “In the beginning, e-commerce had the greatest disruptive effect on end-of-the-line, also known as ‘final-mile’ or ‘last-mile’ delivery activities, but now companies throughout the supply chain are looking for ways to minimize transportation costs for cargo as it moves more swiftly throughout multiple transportation modes.”

Wolford explained that Kinedyne is bringing new technologies to North America that will help supply…

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