Kind World #43: Open Road

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“Oh, to describe it,” Brent Warfield says. “Have you ever jumped out of a plane?”

Brent doesn’t jump out of planes, but he loves the open road. Both his biological and adoptive father rode motorcycles, he says, and when he saw groups of bikers riding by him as a child, it called to him.

“It’s just free. The closest you can get to flying. You’ve got the wind in your face, the sun beating down on ya, [you] look behind you in your mirror and see hundreds of bikes just rolling over a little hill. I forget my worries, just look out. It’s wind therapy.”

Brent works at a motorcycle shop in Auburn, a town in northeast Indiana, and he rides his motorcycle every day. When he’s not riding, Brent spends a lot of time on projects helping others. Every Christmas, for example, he collects money and buys presents for families who can’t afford them, which is how he met Tammy Mick.

Tammy has three kids. As she talked to Brent at the motorcycle shop about Christmas, she told him about the issues facing one of her kids, in particular: her youngest, Phil, who was 10 at the time.

One day, Tammy said, when Phil came home from school, she noticed he was holding his hand to his head. When she moved his hand, she saw he had been trying to cover a goose egg.

“I was fire-engine mad,” she says. “I asked him what happened, and he finally broke down and told me.”

Phil said a boy at school slammed his head into a wall, and it wasn’t the first time he’d gotten picked on. Although his mother didn’t know it, he said, kids had bullied him for two years. They would kick him, hit him, make fun of his clothes and taunt him for being overweight.

“It felt like I was underground and getting caved in,” Phil says.

Phil had lots of dreams, dark dreams that brought his mom rushing to his bed to see what was wrong. In the dreams, bullies beat him. Then one night, he dreamed something even…

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