Kapil Sharma’s Show in Dire Trouble Following Spat with Sunil Grover and Team | Television

MUMBAI—Last week, he reportedly could not get any guests and did not shoot the show but went to do his forthcoming (and second) film in Bikaner. This week, Kapil Sharma will be seen entertaining his guests without the pivotal help of Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar.

The boycott after Sharma’s drunken mid-air misbehavior continues. There is panic now, with Grover snubbing all of Sharma’s overtures and turning down Navjot Singh Sidhu’s offer (as well as probably that of Raju Shrivastav) to mediate. Grover is not interested in a meeting with Sharma and is reportedly taking off for an unknown destination with his wife and son for a holiday.

Sharma’s regret and apology happened only after his mid-air behavior with his crucial team members was exposed and he could not deny or whitewash it any more. There were multiple past misconducts from him, but every time Sharma was let off by the team in the interests of the show. This time, it may be for keeps.

Interestingly stars who are gracing the show have called Grover anxiously, like Manoj Bajpayee.

Speaking to a popular film portal, Grover stated, “I am very relaxed, very introspective, deep in thought about my future plans…I am just watching all the tamasha that’s going on. It’s very entertaining.”

Meanwhile, there is trouble looming ahead. Sony Entertainment Television has to renew the show’s contract in April and may reconsider its future, as the team is so well-entrenched, and also because of the controversy over Sidhu continuing after winning an election in Punjab. Air-India has issued a strict warning to Sharma also for his misdemeanor on flight. The latest bizarre buzz is that Grover is launching a new show with Kiku Sharda, the only comic still on the show.

We too are watching the tamasha, where arrogance…

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