K-Days rides not given provincial safety inspections before Edmonton fair – Edmonton

The rides at Edmonton’s K-Days do not have to be checked out by provincial inspectors after being set up for action at the midway.

While the rides are inspected daily by staff with the company, North American Midway Entertainment, current regulations do not require provincial inspections.

The Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Rides Safety Association, or AEDARSA, carries out detailed safety inspections when the rides first set up in Alberta.

In this case, the approximately 50 rides in operation at K-Days were examined by the association’s safety officers at the Calgary Stampede, but not again before the fair in Edmonton.

“The regulation in Alberta requires one inspection and allows us to do compliance monitoring or surprise inspections at any time afterwards,” said Dean McKernon, manager of safety services of AEDARSA.

McKernon said the inspections are comprehensive, involving hands-on checks by safety officers who go over each ride checking its structural integrity as well as its mechanical and operational integrity.

Some families at K-Days, who already knew about a fatality on a ride at a U.S. fair, expressed concerns when told about Alberta’s inspection process by CBC News.

“Something should be done about that,” said Robert Gullion, who is here for K-Days with his children from Wabasca.

Robert Gullion said he would prefer to see provincial safety inspections on rides in Edmonton before they’re allowed to operate at K-Days, in addition to those that happen before the Calgary Stampede. (Scott Neufeld/CBC)

Hearing the rides are not re-inspected by provincial officials after being taken down at the end of the Stampede and then put back up in Edmonton, he said it was worrying.

“Over their 10 days, they have been running and then come here and start running again — knowing about that it’s more scary now,” said Gullion.

While a number of fair-goers had no concerns at all about the inspection process, David Brockbank, who was at…

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