Julie O’Brien, AliCare Medical Management President Named Chair, New Appeals Standards Committee by ClearHealth Quality Institute

Julie O’Brien, BSN, RN, MBA, President of Alicare Medical Management (AMM) has been appointed by ClearHealth Quality InstituteTM (CHQI), to lead an expert panel comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders including health insurance industry leaders, employers, health care providers, and consumer advocates charged with developing robust but workable standards for health plan internal and external appeals.

“Ms. O’Brien is uniquely qualified for this new role through her leadership of AMM, recognized as the country’s premier medical management company for over three decades, and having served as the Immediate Past President of the National Association of Independent Review Organizations,” said Garry Carneal, CHQI’s founder.

“I’m excited to be part of developing an accreditation program that will bring much needed improvement to the health insurance appeals system through development of national standards. By bringing together a variety of stakeholders including industry, consumer, provider and other representatives, we’ll identify key areas to improve how health plans handle insurance appeals in a way that everyone benefits,” states O’Brien. “My organization helps clients navigate and manage very complex external and internal review systems; there is no doubt an improved roadmap will help consumers and improve health plan efficiency.”

According to Carneal, “A primary policy goal is to transform the current fragmented appeals system into one that is standardized, transparent, and provides more due process for patients when insurance coverage is denied. A majority of consumers don’t even know they have the right to appeal; a reformed system will ensure they know their rights.” Carneal has brought to market over 20 health care accreditation programs with four different…

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