Joe Girardi undecided on Game 5 DH

CLEVELAND — DH takes on a different meaning when used with the Yankees’ lineup.

It doesn’t mean “Don’t Hit,” but it could based on the way designated-hitters Jacoby Ellsbury and Chase Headley haven’t produced in the first four games of the ALDS.

Ellsbury, a left-handed hitter, is 0-for-4 with two strikeouts. The switch-hitting Headley is 0-for-10 with five strikeouts. Matt Holliday hasn’t moved out of the dugout.

Though manager Joe Girardi strongly suggested he would use the same lineup in Game 5 that he did against Corey Kluber in Game 2, he said the DH spot needed more attention.

“It is something that I am going to take some time to look over. I can guarantee you that eight of the nine guys that we had in there are going to be in there,’’ said Girardi, who used Ellsbury as the DH in Game 2 when Kluber didn’t make it out of the third inning. “I have not made a decision on that spot.’’

Ellsbury and Headley aren’t the only soft wood in the Yankees’ lineup that is batting .193 (27-for-14) collectively going into Game 5.

Brett Gardner, who had two hits and an RBI in Game 4, is at .188 (3-for-16). Didi Gregorius is hitting .077 (1-for-13). Aaron Judge is batting .067 (1-for-15) with a dozen strikeouts and Gary Sanchez is at .211 (4-for-19).

Because Holliday hasn’t had an at-bat since the final game of the regular season when he homered, it doesn’t sound like Girardi is ready to toss him to Kluber.

“You look at Matt Holliday, he hasn’t played in eight days,’’ Girardi said. “That’s kind of difficult.’’

Luis Severino can leave his cleats in the clubhouse. Every other pitcher better have their spikes on during Game 5.

“Everyone should be available,’’ Girardi said of his pitching staff. “The only guy that I probably wouldn’t use would be Sevy.’’

Severino went seven innings in Game 4 on Monday night at Yankee Stadium.

Girardi said he wasn’t spooked by Dellin Betances’ control problems in the…

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