Jim Pallotta has big plans for AS Roma

As a soccer man, Jim Pallotta has become familiar with a small number. 

Over his six-year ownership of Italian soccer team AS Roma, Pallotta has learned a lone breakdown can produce the amount of goals usually scored in a Serie A game. 


“In football, a lot of times, it’s one play,” Pallotta said. “Just one play, one mess-up, makes it 1-0 and the game is over. That grabs you so much more. For me, it does.”

As a businessman, Pallotta is more familiar with bigger numbers. The 59-year-old is the founder of Raptor Group, an investment company headquartered on Congress Street. He is a former vice chairman at Tudor Investment Corporation. He is a part owner of the Boston Celtics.

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As such, Pallotta is well-positioned to determine that neither his 90-year-old franchise nor European soccer is close to financial maturity. Pallotta, who purchased Roma in 2011 and became its principal owner the following year, envisions joining the ride on a sport that continues to accelerate. Pallotta, once a casual soccer fan, is proof that the sport’s beauty, drama, and competitiveness can produce consumer frenzy.

“If you now have 15 million followers on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, your sponsorship dollars should be higher,” said Pallotta, explaining the impact of social media. “So instead of getting $5 million, you’re now getting $10 million from a particular sponsor. It’s all about viewership from social and regular TV. Then you have Champions League stuff, which could change, too, if there’s ever a Super League. Then it’s going to dramatically bring revenues up again. Then when you’re watching those games, now you have to remember it’s the middle of the night in Asia, India, and other places. They’re going to have to figure out…

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