Jeremy Corbyn Says U.K. Labour Party Is Ready to Govern

On Wednesday, Mr. Corbyn mocked Mrs. May’s campaign claims that she provided “strong and stable” leadership and that voting for Labour would usher in a “coalition of chaos.”

“They’re certainly not strong and they’re definitely not stable,” he said, adding that the government was “hanging on by their fingertips,” and suggesting that the political center of gravity had shifted to the left as “a new consensus is emerging from the great economic crash and the years of austerity.”

His party, which was led until 2007 by the more centrist former Prime Minister Tony Blair, has certainly moved politically, said Mark Wickham-Jones, a professor of political science at the University of Bristol.

“Labour is now a left-wing party, with a left-wing membership, with support from the trade unions and an institutional structure that is shifting to the left,” he said, predicting that left-wingers would probably control Labour for the next decade and a half.

The speech on Wednesday outlined relatively little new policy. Mr. Corbyn promised to control housing rents and protect tenants from “forced gentrification and social cleansing,” invoking the deadly fire at Grenfell Tower in London as a symbol of a broken system.

He said he accepted voters’ decision to quit the European Union, but added that the bloc’s three million citizens in Britain should be allowed to stay and that he wanted long-term “unimpeded access” to its single market — words that will please those who want Britain to keep close economic ties to the Continent.

The Labour leader described Mr. Trump’s disdain for the Paris climate change accord as “alarming,” and his recent speech at the United Nations as “disturbing,” and called on Mrs. May to stand up to American threats to impose hefty tariffs on Bombardier aircraft, parts of which are produced in Northern Ireland.

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