Keegan-Michael Key is the grand marshal of this year’s America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Detroit! He took the Julie Hinds of the Detroit Free Press to Cadieux Cafe, one of his favorite Detroit spots, to talk about his new holiday movie, ‘Why Him?’
Salwan Georges/Detroit Free Press

Detroit often gets a bad rap in the national media.

Keegan-Michael Key is doing his best to help change that.

The Southfield native and actor best known for co-starring in the Comedy Central sketch series “Key & Peele” was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post about his time growing up in the Detroit area and what he remembers most about the Motor City.

 “It’s just not as dangerous as you think it is. It’s not the wild, wild West,” Key told Huffington Post writer Sara Boboltz.

As most people who live or work in Detroit would know, he’s right. But Detroit has long been notorious outside Michigan for many of its negative aspects, including high crime rates, the city’s bankruptcy saga and the struggles of the auto industry.

There’s also the recent Kathryn Bigelow film, “Detroit,” an emotional retelling of the Algiers Motel murders during the 1967 riot that brought the city back into the national conversation.

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This story focuses on the positives – such as the city’s recent resurgence (a process that, as we’ve documented, will admittedly take a long time), the unique culture of Detroiters and how much fun people, locals and tourists alike, have in downtown.

Key makes it a point to visit Detroit as much as possible despite a busy schedule. He served as the grand marshal for the city’s Thanksgiving Day parade last year and spoke to film students at the Detroit Film Theatre in December.

He even made a guest appearance on the