Islam teaches how to become a better person

In many respects, a religion can be a complete way of life. For someone like me who practices a faith tradition that is 1,400 years old, I often find that its words of wisdom can still ring true today. For example, let me quote the following maxim: “Four things bring about happiness to a person: a righteous spouse, a spacious abode, a good neighbor, and a comfortable ride. On the other hand, four things contribute to a person’s misery: a bad spouse, a wicked neighbor, a difficult or disinclined ride, and a narrow and constricted home.”

When you think about it, it is still true today that most people desire a home of their own. They often work a lifetime to own a home. They need a home where they can feel safe, raise a family, or simply relax after a hard day’s work. A young married couple may not be able to immediately afford the house of their dreams. Therefore, it is not uncommon for young couples to buy a small starter home until they can afford to move to a bigger house after their family size increases.

Said Ahmed-Zaid, Idaho Statesman religion columnist

Darin Oswald

Another necessity of life is a vehicle as a means of locomotion. In ancient days, travelers used horses and camels to traverse long distances in harsh desert environments. Nowadays, people need a vehicle as a means of transportation to and from…

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