Is Socialism Knocking On Your Door?

So you voted for Barack Obama thinking he will change the world, end the Iraq war, etc?

Yeah, he sure will change the world. He’s already spent more money than any president in American history (as if our government spending wasn’t high enough) on bailing out all the sorry excuses for corporations that can’t manage their way out of grade school.

He’s also trying to limit what CEO’s can make at the companies that accepted the bailout money, demanding the AIG bonuses be returned even though Congress knew about them the year before, promising tax breaks to the middle class and the poor while taxing the rich even higher than what they now pay. How stupid. The rich are the ones that create jobs through business ownership. Make it more difficult to stay in business and guess what? Jobs get shifted from America to India!

Speaking of the AIG bonuses, Congress has the nerve to propose a special law just for the AIG bonus recipients taxing them at 90 percent if they don’t give the money back. Don’t know about you but does the word extortion mean anything? Don’t we jail people for this?

Oh and as far as tax breaks go (the thirteen extra dollars a week you will see in your paycheck), I still don’t see any breaks. I still need CPR when I look at my pay stub and see half my check gone before it reaches my bank.

So why do I mention this? Because it all points to increased government control, also known as socialism.

Do you like being taxed 40 percent or higher if you make good money? Do you like nationalized health care where you are told to see certain doctors and not the ones you choose? Do you like the idea of paying twelve dollars for a loaf of bread because our dollar is getting to be nearly worthless (I can’t completely blame Obama since this reckless printing and spending of our money has been going on for many presidential terms but Obama has been putting this spending on steroids)? Don’t think this can happen? Look at Zimbabwe in Africa? Inflation is so out of control over there that the price of goods can go up THREE Times in a single day!

I doubt we will ever get to that point but we WILL start to see the effects of hyper spending when the cost of living severely out paces your earning power.

This all pales in comparison to what he wants to do to your second amendment rights?

He had a page on his website a while back that mentions making the Clinton assault weapons ban permanent as well as repealing the Tiahart Amendment. For those who don’t know what this is amendment is I’ll explain.

The Tiahart amendment makes it harder for law enforcement to trace firearm serial numbers. This is because dealers are allowed to destroy firearm sales records after a certain period of time and limit the amount of information they have to give to law enforcement.

Some say this is a good thing. I don’t. It doesn’t matter one way or another. Background checks are done on people wanting to get guns. Does that prevent convicted felons from getting guns? Nope.

If someone wants to get a gun, they will. All the background checks and serial number tracing won’t do jack! People kill people, not guns or knives.

People say we should ban guns. Look at history and see how stupid this idea is. Remember prohibition? People were buying alcohol more than ever! Same thing will happen with guns.
I don’t want government intrusion. I like my privacy and living my life how I see fit within our system of laws.

Want more government control? Go to North Korea. I hear there president (oops, I mean dictator) is very welcoming and generous to his people. He even let’s them have electricity part of the day!

I’ll be stocking up on ammo, guns and knives before Obama bans them.

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