Is Salt Lake haunted? Grimm Ghost Tours says yes

RC Randall

A floating skeleton head greets tourists with Grimm Ghost Tours.

SALT LAKE CITY — Why haven’t the Jazz won a national title in their 38 years in Utah?

According to Grimm Ghost Tour tour guide, Rachel Hunt, who goes by Abby Normal, it’s the ghosts’ fault.

On a recent chilly night, Hunt explained to a group of thrill-seekers that excavation of the site where the Jazz arena now stands reportedly disturbed an ancient burial ground. The human remains were buried in a small grave in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

“So they say that is why the Jazz have never won a championship game,” Hunt said.

After laughter and a couple of groans, Hunt continued her tales of the supernatural.

It’s all in a day’s work for the tour guides with Grimm Ghost Tours. The company offers tours to locations of actual reported hauntings. The fun, interactive adventure includes some lesser-known stories of the Beehive State’s past.

Hunt, from Layton, has been with Grimm Ghost Tours for four years. She began her work as a paranormal investigator and also serves as a tour guide.

“I like them all because it helps me understand a little bit more about who we are,” Hunt said of the various sites.

Prior to her work with Grimm, Hunt said she never had any experiences with spirits.

“I’m one of those that heard about activity, and I’m like, yeah right,” Hunt said. “My perspective has changed where I’ve seen things I’ve never before in my life experienced.”

On the night of our tour, Hunt led the group on Grimm’s Old Town tour, which takes guests to some of Salt Lake’s most haunted…

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