Is Liberty League A Scam ?

Liberty League – Can It Make You Money ?

Let’s take a sneak peek here to see if Liberty League is the right company for you.

Looking for the perfect home business always takes time, energy, and a lot of patience. I’m here to guide you with your decision making process to see if Liberty League is the right place for you.

Liberty League has a couple of other names that it goes by. Liberty League International is their long name and LLI is their short abbreviated name. The company is based out of Scottsdale, AZ. Beautiful place but way too hot many times of the year.

Liberty League offers products that deal with personal development. They focus on changing your mindset and help you to get rid of many of your old habits. There first and main product is called Beyond Freedom.

Liberty League’s Beyond Freedom is a 90-day program that consists of a journal, a few audio CD’s, a Video, and a few other smalls things like a pen, notepad, and rubber bracelet. This program is a self-guided tour that helps you to change your way of thinking and to better your life.

When you get ready to join Liberty League you will have two options. You can simply become a member for $ 49.95. Let me first mention though that if you do this you will have to pass up your first five sales to your sponsor. We’ll get into this more shortly

Option two is to buy the Beyond Freedom program for yourself. Liberty League’s Beyond Freedom program has a big price tag though. The cost of the program is $ 1495. Liberty League has made it though that if you by this product you will only then have to pass up your first two sales to your sponsor in place of five sales if you didn’t buy the product. There are at least three main disadvantages to having to pass up your first sales to your sponsor but we won’t get into that now.

When you go and pass up your first sales to your sponsor you are then ready to make money with the company. So you can expect to pay and lose a total of $ 3500 with Liberty League before you can then make money. This comes from the two sales we passed up to our sponsor and then the $ 1495 we paid for the Beyond Freedom program.

Now Liberty League International does offer two more products that when you’re a member you’re entitled to sell but they come at a high price. You have to purchase the two products for yourself and then pass up a number of your first sales before you can then make any money. The two products are the Liberty Conference and the Summit Conference. These conferences are always held at 5 star resorts around the world.

The prices are pretty steep for the conferences. The Liberty Conference is $ 7,995 and the Summit Conference is $ 12,995. Liberty League claims that if you compare these prices to other companies the cost is relatively low. Personally I find this to simply be too much money. This with the fact that the compensation plan actually turns into a 4-Up makes it hard to picture myself having success with Liberty League. The 4-Up means that after you purchase one of the two conferences you will then have to pass up your first four sales of both the two conferences.

So in my opinion I would not recommend pursuing a business with Liberty League. Despite the fact that they have a good product like personal development, the costs are just too high. Also the fact that the company seems out of date and uses the old school pass-up program puts it near the bottom of my list. Studies have shown that people who join companies like Liberty League and are part of a pass-up program most of the time do not succeed. Liberty League might not be the best opportunity out there but don’t give up, there are some great home based business out there and one day you’ll find the perfect one for you.

Tom Culbertson helps people in deciding if companies like Liberty League are the right decision to make money online with. Check out Tom’s 3rd party review Liberty League Blog to find out what company is the best decision for you.

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