Invisipon™ Brings Manufacturer Digital Coupons to Independent Supermarkets

Invisipon Mobile App

The Invisipon SaaS model provides independent supermarkets with access to digital coupon content for about the price of a cup of coffee each day.

Invisipon announced today that its cloud-based personalized digital coupon solution is now available to independent supermarkets providing independents with access to the same type of content widely available at most large supermarket chains. Invisipon is a turn-key digital coupon solution that injects manufacturer and store coupons from a consumer’s cloud-based Invisipon account directly into the retailer’s point-of-sale system in about 300 milliseconds. Invisipon digital coupons are personalized for each consumer based upon who they are, what they buy, and where they shop.

Historically, consumer packaged goods manufacturers have focused heavily on the large supermarket chains that represent seventy-five percent (75%) of the U.S. supermarket spend, leaving the 21,000+ independent supermarkets with little access to national digital coupon content. Invisipon’s solution levels the playing field for independents by providing their consumers with access to digital coupon content from major manufacturers such as Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Nestle-USA, Purina, and many others. The Invisipon solution further provides a unique competitive advantage for independents by automatically “marrying together” manufacturer coupons with retailer-funded store promotions resulting in greater consumer savings and increased basket size. “Changing demographics, consolidation, deflation and fierce price competition on center-store staple items means the independent simply must provide its consumers with manufacturer-funded digital coupons to grow basket size…

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