Investment guide launching for Caribbean sweet potato farming

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The Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade and the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation are launching an investment guide for the sweet potato sector in the Caribbean.

The guide highlights the investment potential in the CARIFORUM region’s growing agribusiness sector, with increasing global demand for tubers, added value of cultivating the crop, and efforts to promote production and value addition.

The investment guide draws attention to the ease of doing business in the Caribbean due to a common language, strong financial institutions, and an established credit information sharing across the region.

According to a statement from the The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, Caribbean governments are determined to increase agricultural production, weather conditions are good, and soil quality allows for the production of up to three crops per year.

This demonstrates the favourable conditions for agricultural investment in the region.

Three investment streams

Sweet potatoes are a good candidate for investment thanks to increasing global demand, good relationships with major export markets, and a strong tradition of growing the crop across Caribbean countries.

FAST president and CEO Noemí Perez said: “This guide provides practical information to financial services providers that wish to invest in the sweet potato sector in the Caribbean.

“FAST hopes that, with the right information, more and more FSPs can tailor their financial products and services to the growing demand in the agricultural sector.”

The sweet potato value chain is similar to those of other commodities, where producers respond to demand and go through various stages before exporting their product.

The entire process usually takes five to six months.


The guide identifies a specific type of sweet potato in which has a high demand among consumers and the added benefit of a…

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