Integration Enables a Seamless Workflow for HR Professionals

Asurint, a full-service background screening company, revolutionizing customer solutions, has joined the Ultimate UltiPro® Developer Network (UDN). The new partnership gives Asurint and Ultimate the ability to integrate their solutions to make it easier for mutual customers to exchange data between UltiPro’s HCM solution and Asurint’s screening solutions.

The UltiPro® Developer Network allows partners to build an out-of-the-box integration to the UltiPro® HCM platform and provides them with information, resources, and documentation to meet UltiPro’s standards and best practices. The UDN program is designed to give customers access to seamless, real-time integrations built in the cloud between UltiPro® and an ecosystem of best-in-class partners. To participate in UDN, partners are required to build an integration adhering to Ultimate’s standards for compliance, architecture, development, privacy, and security.

The Asurint and UltiPro® integration combines two innovative technology platforms providing users with:

  •     Flexibility – users can initiate the screening process directly
  •     User-friendly functionalities – featuring easily customizable regulated permission levels
  •     Security – all pertinent candidate data is securely sent between UltiPro® and Asurint
  •     An end-to-end view of the background screen process within the HRIS
  •     Reduced time-to-hire
  •     Exceptional customer service through Asurint’s U.S.-based interactions and operations
  •     Automated compliance with the utilization of pre-adverse and adverse action letters

The integration to Asurint enables UltiPro® customers to take advantage of Asurint’s technology enabled screening solutions. Asurint optimizes searches by utilizing independently validated address history and Asurint’s…

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