Instructions For Beginners To Learn Crochet – Simple Beginner Crochet Instructions

Crochet learning will always receive the highest accolades amongst all crafts. The creations from a small thread piece and a single hook could be mistaken for some kind of magic.

Wish for something you’d like to have created and patterns would be found easily. Everything from hand gloves to caps, fancy foot wear to wristbands and head gears to cushions to balaclavas, actually the list is unending… it’s not often that you come across an art form that’s revered around the globe and acceptable to the masses too.

Crochet is a high skill art that requires an equally imaginative brain too. I started taking crochet classes at the age of 6 and today after 40 years of learning I can say with authority that crochet amongst all arts is the most diverse.

Those who begin with Crochet making can be forgiven if they are shocked by the art and this can happen only if you are not fully aware of guidelines and instructions. My advice as always will be to start with basics.

Begin with an easy type of single colored square patch and gradually add colors, as you go on you can add different patterns and shapes. Only then take on new projects.

Now if this is your opening attempt at Crochet, learn here to make a plain crochet square.


* Beaten weight wool (Pick your color).

* Tiny scissors.

* Wool needle, rounded edge with large pore.

* Crochet hook.


1. Grip crochet hook firmly in right hand, then tie a tidy, little slipknot on the hook.

2. Place wool above the hook from behind to front and seize the hook.

3. Pull hooked wool from slipknot and put on hook. This process gives you a single chain stitch. Redo step number 2 & 3 in succession 30 times. In the end you have thirty-one chain stitches and a single loop shall be left on the hook.

4. Leave out the 1st chain stitch.

5. Then put a hook in the middle of subsequent chain stitch. Pull wool from the chain stitch all the way to the hook. You have 2 loops on the hook now.

6. Place wool on the hook from behind to front, and then pull it from both the loops onto hook. One loop is left on hook, this gives you your first single crochet stitch. Redo steps number 5 & 6 for all of the remainder of 29 chains – ensure that all 29 chains are done similarly. The result is you have one fully complete row made with single crochet. 2 people having similar thread and hook could have rows with dissimilar widths.

Reason – force applied while stitching. Solution, well be gentle and apply same constant force to the wool besides the hook or else the project shall have dissimilar sizes of knots.

7. At tip of each row, sew a single chain stitch; thereafter rotate the work counter in a circle mode, let the hook remain in chain. Then start a new row, build new stitches on the last row. This process gives shape to the rows. With work on it the rows become more illusive.

8. Create a single crochet stitch from the 1st stitch and thereafter in every left behind stitch of the earlier row. Ensure that you work all the way till the end stitch.

9. Slice the wool from the skin. Pull hook straightforward, taking the wool from the left over loop on hook.

10. Thread wool into needle and sew back and forth from stitches to secure. Well that’s it. Easy ain’t it?

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