Innovation Connector’s “Coding Connector” Gives Kids Computer Coding Experience and More

By: Tracy Dishman—

Muncie, IN—The Innovation Connector has a unique opportunity for young people to learn “the language of the future” — computer coding.

Techwise Academy and the Innovation Connector, along with a handful of other community resources, have partnered to create the Coding Connector. This hands-on program offers camp and workshop-style opportunities, as well as weekly computer coding classes for ages 5 years old through high school age young adults.

Located in a newly remodeled computer lab in the Innovation Connector, the Coding Connector lab holds 15-20 computers, tablets and students comfortably.

Students are pictured during the Coding Connector’s “Minecraft Party.” Photo by: Lorri Markum

“About a year and a half ago, Techwise Academy, run by Ryan Hunter and Brandon Coppernoll, were holding coding classes at the Innovation Connector,” described Ted Baker, Executive Director of the Innovation Connector. “As I watched them and got a good feel for what they were doing, I knew that a “joined forces” connection would be a great fit for our community.”

With the assistance from the Innovation Connector, the newly formed Coding Connector received a $10,000 grant from AT&T to purchase computers and tablets. “The students would bring in their own computers when the coding classes were first offered. I noticed that it took the first part of each coding class for Ryan and Brandon to set up each of the computers and prepare for the lesson, cutting into the time of actual learning’” stated Mr. Baker. “Through the AT&T grant, Ryan and Brandon have the tools they need to spend more time with the students doing what they love to do the most: teaching code.”

The students learn not only how to code, but also learn how to problem solve. That’s probably the most important thing we teach. Whether or not they are going to be computer programmers, they’re going to need to know how to problem solve and learn to work in…

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