Infinite Minigolf for Xbox One review: Make and share wacky arcade-style golf courses

If there’s one thing the folks at Zen Studios, makers of the Pinball FX series know, it’s ball physics.

That expertise helps bring their latest game, Infinite Minigolf to life. With simple controls, a lighthearted tone, and course editing and sharing, it’s one slick package – though some areas need more polish.

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Good, simple golf

We recently reviewed The Golf Club 2, a serious golf simulation that offers lots of great features but is mired by poor controls and a complete lack of personality. It left me wanting an arcade-style golf game, and that’s just what Zen has created with Infinite Minigolf, the sequel to a 2010 PlayStation 3-exclusive called Planet Minigolf.

The real-life sport of miniature golf is known for its focus on putting as well as small, creative courses featuring creative obstacles. Infinite Minigolf meets all those qualifications, though it really leans into the miniature aspect.

Courses are largely constructed out of cardboard and take place inside of the rooms of a house (or two other environments). On those tiny faux handmade courses, you’ll find obstacles like books, pizza slices, birdcages, RC trucks, toy car and tracks, and more. Even your golfer is a miniature person!

The golfing controls and mechanics couldn’t be simpler. After placing the ball within the starting field, you aim with the left stick and adjust the camera with the right. You can toggle to a camera overview to get a better look at the course at any time. An aiming arrow shows which direction the ball will go when hit.

When you’re ready, pull the right stick back to increase the power of the shot – as designated by the aiming arrow filling up with green. You don’t have to actually hit the ball until you’re satisfied with the strength of the shot, which is helpful. Finally, jam the stick upward to hit the ball and watch it fly. The process of aiming and adjusting the strength of your shot is so much easier than in The Golf Club 2 – that game…

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