Indiana University Is the Center of the College Football Universe

The 2017 college football season technically started last Saturday, when Colorado State beat the brakes off Oregon State, Rice tried really hard against Stanford, and new South Florida head coach Charlie Strong almost got fired at the end of the first quarter against San Jose State until his Bulls ultimately rallied to win pretty easily. All of that is fine and well, but like every other red-blooded American, I don’t consider the college football season to be truly underway until I throw on ESPN and see Lee Corso acting a fool, Kirk Herbstreit overselling the genius of a man who goes by “Bear” and wears a drive-thru headset, and someone like Kenny Chesney predicting the scores of MAC games as drunk kids in the background try to get cameramen to notice their signs emblazoned with dick jokes. College GameDay isn’t a television show so much as it’s an announcement of autumn’s arrival, not unlike Halloween or collectively cheering against the Yankees. Sure, Corso has gotten a little nuttier, Herbstreit’s frosted tips have darkened, and Chris Fowler looks a lot like Rece Davis these days. But there’s no denying that there’s a special charm to what GameDay brings to the college football experience, especially when the show is COMIIIIIINNNGG TO YOUR CITTTAAAAAYYYYYYY.

On Thursday, that CITTTAAAAAYYYYYYY will be Bloomington, Indiana, home of the Indiana University Hoo—wait, WHAT? GameDay is kicking off the new season by coming to Indiana? For football? Is this real life?

Well I’ll be damned. This might just be the biggest moment for Indiana football since Purdue’s entire program was flushed down the toilet when Kyle Orton fumbled against Wisconsin in 2004.

No, seriously. I don’t think the general public understands just how bad Indiana football is. I mean, I’m sure that most people are vaguely aware that the Hoosiers have sucked, but the extent to which is remarkable. Consider this: Indiana’s first football team was formed in 1887, one…

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