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Heard of instrument sculptures? Don’t visualise stone and wooden sculptures in the shape of musical instruments. At the unique Sound Garden, as part of the outdoor exhibits at the Indian Music Experience (IME) in Bengaluru, musical instruments have been thoughtfully designed to fuse themselves into becoming sculptural marvels for people to play and experience melody.

“This is why we have termed IME as ‘Please touch museum’ advocating touch and feel for experiencing melody, unlike museums who get touchy about touches. The Sound Garden is one such preparatory experience for visitors to tune one’s senses with sounds from musical sculptures before they enter the actual museum indoors,” explains Manasi Prasad, Project Director, IME.

Inaugurated and opened for public view on Saturday at the IME-Brigade Millennium Complex at J.P. Nagar here, the instrument sculptures are installed in the open green lawns amidst jackfruit, mango, and jamoon trees swaying to the the breezy melodies. Jaishankar of the Brigade Group, who primarily donated land for IME, was clear that he wanted to save the old trees on the allocated site. It was during IME conceptualisation nearly eight years ago — where music is handled as an art form — that the ideation for the Sound Garden took shape.

“We thought of musical sculptures for the outdoors where the touch created vibrations for naada. The musical instrument sculptures here have been researched by SVARAM Musical Instruments and Research in Auroville, Puducherry, for its aural properties with vibrations that have healing properties,” explains Ms. Manasi Prasad.

There are nearly a dozen such sculpted musicals at the entrance and this is one of the first concepts to be opened for public by IME .

The first encounter is the ancient Humming Stone where cavities throw up vibrations in several octaves when one hums into the cut-out caves. And sound stones in black granite that vibrate with a damp rub with your hands, a xylophone fused…

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