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IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R) moderates a Global Dialogue on Fatherhood and Men’s Issues is moving to Blog Talk Radio. Every second Saturday beginning on 14 October 2017 and ending on 11 March 2018, IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD® which facilitates a Global Dialogue on Fatherhood and Men’s Issues will air on The TRIBE Family Channel™ Network from 3:00 P.M. (E.D.T.) through 4:30 P.M. (E.D.T.). Hosted by Diane A. Sears, who serves as the Managing Editor of IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD® which is also a quarterly international Fatherhood and Men’s Issues, the monthly blog talk radio show will bring together Thought Leaders who have key “pieces of the puzzle” to helping to resolve a number of key challenges which prevent Men and Boys from reaching their full potential and strengthening and empowering the communities in which they live.

Launched on 15 October 1999 as a quarterly international Fatherhood and Men’s Issues Journal, IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD® was the vision of Ms. Sears’ mentor, the late Mr. L.T. Henry, a classically trained jazz musician he played briefly with The Philadelphia Orchestra and was a former drummer for internationally acclaimed songstress and television and film actress Ms. Della Reese, author, photojournalist, and Sales and Success Motivation Trainer. Mr. Henry envisioned a world in which Men throughout our global village would transcend the boundaries of religion, language, ethnicity, politics, class, economics and culture to collaboratively address the many unique issues which are directly and indirectly related to raising children from a male perspective. Ms. Sears has spent the past 18 years resurrecting her late Mentor’s vision and perpetuating his legacy vision through, among other things, publishing IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD®.

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