In a Compromise, U.N. Rights Experts Will Examine Abuses in Yemen’s War

Mr. al-Hussein’s office in the meantime is to provide support to Yemen’s national commission as it investigates human rights abuses.

The outcome, completed late Friday afternoon, reflected a compromise between two alliances of countries that had seemed set on a collision course.

An alliance of mainly European countries led by the Netherlands had proposed the creation of an international commission of inquiry to investigate abuses in Yemen.

They were opposed by a Saudi-led alliance, which supports Yemen’s exiled president, Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, against Iran-backed Houthi rebels and affiliated armed groups.

Earlier in September, Mr. al-Hussein, for the third year in a row, had urged creation of an international investigation panel as his office released a report presenting a litany of abuses by all parties involved in the conflict in Yemen, which has caused thousands of civilian casualties and contributed to a staggering humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country.

Saudi coalition airstrikes were the leading cause of civilian casualties, Mr. al-Hussein noted, scolding “the reticence of the international community in demanding justice for the victims of the conflict.”

Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies called instead for the United Nations to provide international experts to support Yemen’s national commission — a position rejected by the other side because of that commission’s close relationship with the Saudis.

An hour before the council reached its decision, senior Yemeni officials still were insisting that the Saudi demand would be the crux of any deal.

The final agreement emerged from a compromise text drafted by diplomats from the United States, Britain and France on Thursday night and discussed by representatives from both groups at an early morning meeting in the United States mission in Geneva.

Saudi Arabia and its allies avoided the embarrassment of a…

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