I’m tempted to cheat on my married lover with the flirty barmaid

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M having regular sex with a woman who, like me, is married.

But now another woman half my age is coming on to me.

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I’ve been hitting it off with a young flirty barmaid recently

I’m tempted but would the age gap be a problem?

My secret life began two years ago when an attractive female colleague in her thirties asked me to have an affair with her.

I wanted to say yes but said I couldn’t because I’m married.

She then said I could watch her pleasure herself.

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I’m currently in a casual relationship with a 38-year-old following my divorce

I agreed to this and we went back to her place after work one evening. It was all the most amazing turn-on.

I am 43 and my married sex life took a nosedive when my wife finally had our son after years of fertility treatment.

He’s four now and a brilliant little lad, but there’s no passion at home. My wife just isn’t interested.

She was mad when she found texts between me and my colleague, so that put an end to that.

But it eventually put an end to my marriage too.

We separated a year ago though haven’t decided on divorce yet.

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I want to give it a go with the barmaid but there is a pretty hefty age gap

I am now seeing a married woman who is 38. We met at the gym and got talking.

We went for a drink afterwards and I took her to see a film she was keen not to miss.

She said she didn’t like going by herself but her husband wasn’t interested.

Later we went back to my place and had sex. This became a regular thing.

The sex is great and I have no complaints but I have now started flirting with a woman of 21 who works behind the bar in our local pub.

She says she likes me very much — and I like her.

I gave her my number and we text every day. So far I have only kissed her.

It felt good but I am worrying whether it is wrong to become sexually involved with her because of the age gap.

DEIDRE SAYS: And meanwhile, how is your little boy doing?

Years of…

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