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Icon Tax Group whose business statement is “Focused on Taxes and Dedicated To Our Clients” has kept this promise two fold by creating a daily blog and PodCast on business and taxes. Michael Lodge, CEO of Icon Tax Group stated, “It is vital that we keep individuals informed on various tax issues and business issues. The more informed the better it is for people to make decisions and talk with their tax preparers”.

Icon Created created a daily blog at http://www.icontaxgroup.org. The Icon blog looks for new IRS updates that creates new tax changes to tax returns and to talk about tax, business and leadership. Every small business person needs to have the information updated to them on these topics. The blog also talks about debt and reducing debt, the firm felt this was important because they see many tax clients coming into the office living from paycheck to paycheck. It was time to start talking about how to reduce debt and plan for the future. The vital part of the blog is to educate and then educate some more to keep individuals constantly learning on how to manage their tax, personal finance and business lives.

The firm has also created a PodCast called “The World of Business and Taxes” where Michael Lodge talks on a weekly basis on topics of taxation, business, leadership and personal finance. The show site is http://www.spreaker.com/show/2088707 and can also be found on YouTube and Itunes under the title of “The World of Business and Taxes”. The audience that listens can send questions or show subject requests to mlodge(at)icontaxgroup.com. The show is heard around the world in its beginning stages.

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